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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Receive A Box?2021-11-17T23:06:08+00:00

You can visit the registration page and input your mailing address or email OnPoint@Kobie.com

How Will My Mailing Address Be Used?2020-10-14T18:59:37+00:00

Your address is just for the OnPoint Team to mail you a Box.

Where Do I Find The OnPoint Presentations?2021-11-16T18:58:20+00:00

You are almost there! Visit the 2021 Insights page to watch/re-watch the sessions and download any additional assets. Make sure to find the password in your confirmation email or directly inside your Box. If you have issues, email us at OnPoint@Kobie.com

Will There Be An In-Person OnPoint?2021-11-17T23:07:53+00:00

We are excited to deliver our unique twist on our annual thought leadership conference, OnPoint In A Box, for the second year in 2021 and look forward to reuniting in person for OnPoint 2022!

Is OnPoint In A Box Live?2021-11-16T18:59:07+00:00

OnPoint In A Box is meant to be an experience that you can enjoy at your own time, at your own pace, in your own space. These sessions are pre-recorded for you to refer back to, share, and socialize. Presentations will be made available in November 2021.

Can I Share Any Of This On Social Media Or With My Colleagues?2020-10-16T18:59:56+00:00

Absolutely! Make sure to tag us on Instagram @Kobie_Marketing and LinkedIn @Kobie Marketing. Feel free to share with your colleagues, just make sure to provide the password as well, if you are sharing the presentations.

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