Past Insights: 2023

How to Use Machine Learning to Increase Your Loyalty ROI

Uncertain about AI’s impact on their jobs, many professionals seek guidance. However, Steve Flaming, Kobie’s VP of Data and Analytics, assures that AI complements, not replaces, human expertise. He emphasizes Kobie’s human-centric approach to leverage AI effectively and maximize business outcomes.

How to Measure Program Health Beyond Your Financial Model

Kobie’s Associate VP of Strategic Consulting, JR Slubowski offers a “prac-a-demic” perspective on loyalty programs, going beyond financial metrics to consider customer-centric factors like CSAT and NPS. He emphasizes that emotional engagement is key to a program’s success.

Findings From the Loyalty Industry’s Largest Research Study

Kobie’s VP of Client Services, Martha Cohen, speaks to the four key insights consumers revealed in Kobie’s 2023 research study. We explore shifts in what customers want, how they place value, how advocacy shows up, and the concept of pain and forgiveness. Through the lens of loyalty drivers, Martha connects the dots and highlights opportunities to address the nuances in how these changes show up across our various clients’ verticals.